Honey Production

The "Hands-On" Approach

In 2003 a purpose built honey extracting and packing plant was built allowing further growth and in 2008 50% more space was added to make Scarletts one of the UK’s leading commercial honey packers.

Their purpose built facility allows Scarletts to quickly and effectively spin out the honeycombs from their own hives and bottle their honey in the most advanced food grade environment. Their modern equipment gives them the ability to control all aspects of the packing process ensuring high quality standards and full traceability. Every step of the process is monitored, and as expected, Scarletts operate a fully documented system of food safety management.

Scarletts Scotland, Meigle, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland
Tel: 01828 640821 Email: info@scarlettshoney.co.uk