Our Products

Some of the Products of Scarletts Scotland

Scottish Heather Honey

Scottish Blossom Honey

Pure Acacia Honey
A clear liquid honey with a mild delicate flavour

Polyflora Honey
An imported mixed flower honey perfect for using as an ingredient

Acacia Cut Comb Honey
A piece of Acacia comb honey straight from the hive exactly as it was produced by the bees.

New Zealand Comb
340g cut comb in a white plastic box with clear lid

Mackays/Scarletts Gift Packs
A collaboration between Mackays and Scarletts that starts well before well before the packaging process with the bees from Scarletts hives pollinating the soft fruits used by Mackays in jam production. From the hard working bees to the production of jam and honey, this breakfast selection promises a high quality, locally produced and delicious product.

Heather Honey Tablet
Made from our own local heather honey

Beeswax Candles
24cm dipped candles, non drip, slow burning with a smell of honey and wax.

Scarletts Scotland, Meigle, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland
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